Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It's been a mixed day.

Got woken up by Rowan at 3 am. Hungry kitty.
Hungry kitty woke up sleeping puppy.
Puppy starts whimpering.
Tired Jean takes puppy out at 3 am.
Rowan does not get fed.

Review day at school for upcoming tests.
Still tired. Bad Rowan.
Roughened my throat projecting-and some of the classes were "talky" but otherwise ok.

About to retrieve my bag and leave, when sudden order to evacuate school NOW is given.
Propane leak.
Stuck outside the school without keys for over an hour.
Didn't freeze b/c ended up in the principal's car.
Should make sure to give principal some Rose's jam by way of thanks.

Went in with the firefighters to retrieve my bag.
Decided the atmosphere was nasty, and had firefighter "rescue" my bettafish.
(Ie, please carry this bowl out for me, my hands are full.)

Drive home over an hour late, still tired.
Puppy's bladder didn't hold out for the extra time.
Wash towels.
Play with puppy.
(Hey! I think he's getting fetch! Fun!)
Continue to be frustrated over lack of a name for puppy.
Too tired to really work on it. Bad Rowan.

Pondering going to bed early.
Probably a good idea.
Better feed cats and puppy early too.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Weird Consciousness

It could be just that I've been awake today since 4 am, and am running on my last bit of energy, but things seem unreal around me. I'm watching the cats pad around and settle in next to me with this odd consciousness that tomorrow at this time, everything will be different somehow. I've made a promise to another animal, and it won't just be me and cats anymore...forever, barring major accidents. It makes the apartment seem quiet, surreal, and somehow scary.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Official Announcement

Some of you already know about this, so this is for the benefit of everyone else.

I've been giving out dog advice for two decades.
(I think most of it was pretty good.)
I have a flexi leash that is so old it says "made in West Germany"
...yet, I've NEVER had a dog of my own.

Guess what!?

He's mine.
He's arriving at 5 pm tomorrow.