Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chandler hip update

I got Chandler rechecked by the orthopedic specialist last week, and did a PennHIP at the same time. PennHIP is a measure of joint laxity that is done by the University of Pennsylvania Vet School. ( As it uses three x-rays in different positions, many dog people think it is more reliable than OFA screening. Chandler's results just came back yesterday.

As usual for Chandler, it's not that great, but it could have been worse. DI 0.61/0.57, putting him in the 30th percentile, with no sign of Degenerative Joint Disease (yet) This translates to is left hip can come 61% out of joint and his right 57%. This puts him in the lowest 30% of the English Shepherds that they have on record, and the laxness means that he has a greater chance of developing degenerative joint disease later in life.

However, the specialists thought there were some small changes occurring on the right side.
There's no signs of changes in the neck yet, but they thought the ball may have started being remodeled a bit.
Their orthopedic specialist found no problems in Chandler's knees, but was able to pop both hips out of socket fairly easily.
(After which they slid back in.) Both left and right thighs are evenly muscled.
Both specialists that I talked to at the clinic say he has hip dysplasia, as the joint is not "normal".
His right side only has about 40% of the "ball" in its "cup".

I suspect when Chandler is having a major problem, one of his hips has popped out and back in.
So far that's only twice this year. Once when saving his sheltie buddy from another dog, and once when I think he got stuck in the mud in a pond. over exercising, no agility, no flyball. *sigh* Herding might be ok, and swimming would be great.

I need to win the lottery, buy a farm, and stick a swimming pool in the back yard. ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ashke home update

Ash is looking 100% better. He just asked for "brunch" after having breakfast at 6 am, and is now busy cleaning up after eating. He spent last night on my bed, doing his best to snuggle up and immobilize me. (I wonder if it is coincidence that he prefers to lie on the side of the bed that I have to get out of?)

He seems a little more sensitive to the dog's presence, but of course Chandler had to snuffle Ash all over when he came back from the vet. His highness did not appreciate that.

The only problem right now is that Ash's "eau d' vet clinic" is making Rowan (the other kitty) not recognize him, so we've had some hissing and growling going on. Rowan is in a snit, and is now taking it out on Chandler by growling, hissing, and whacking him. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Follow up on "Toto"

Well, that was a waste of time.

If a mother cannot control her "mouthy kid",
(direct quote from her there)
she obviously has no hope of controlling her "not aggressive dog"...
(another direct quote) partially evidenced by the 6 screen repairs she says they have done on that front door.

I wished her good luck.
I'm wondering how to protect Chan if the dog breaks through the screen again.

My mew is home!

...and looking more alert and comfortable.
We're waiting on the pancreas test stuff,
but in the meantime, Ashke is eating.

Plus, his cover has apparently been blown.
The vet techs say he is a sweetie. *gasp*
I was told that he was rubbing at the cage bars trying to get somebody to pet him.


So, a few weeks ago I was walking Chandler, and a little terrier broke out of its house and charged him to attack. Luckily no harm done except for Chandler's psyche; he thinks all dogs should play with him. The owner apologized.

This morning I walk by the house and "Toto" sees us and goes crazy by the screen door. No biggie, except one of the kids is at home and is saying "Good boy, get that doggie!" (Argh)

Which means I am dropping by the house later to mention this, and point out a few things to this boy's parents.

1. Their dog is small, and not all dogs are marshmallows like Chan. If this behavior is encouraged, the dog could end up dead, or very hurt.

2. They have small children. If their dog starts something, the kids could get seriously hurt.

3. I like my marshmallow, who happens to have a Canine Good Citizen certificate, and don't want his temperament ruined by dogs attacking him. Their son was encouraging that sort of behavior.

I am not looking forward to this discussion.

Ashke update 3

Eating, no vomiting yet.
I'm supposed to call them after 2 pm now, to see if I can pick him up.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ashke update 2

Nothing on x-rays, barium went through fine.
So no blockages or foreign objects (probably).
He's getting a blood test for pancreatitis.
Unfortunately IBD and cancer are still possibilities. :(

He's staying overnight so the vet can monitor him.
Last I'd heard he'd eaten 1/2 can of food.

Went out to the gaming group from 8-11
to keep myself from fussing all night.

I miss my kitty. :(

Ashke update

Well, it could be anything from a foreign body, to pancreatitis, to a tumor.
Ash is staying at the vet's for xrays and maybe a barium series.
He's lost about a half pound of weight since he was there last month.

Still trying not to freak.


*sigh* He threw up all the chicken at 11:30 pm last night.
I'm really afraid he might have some type of intestinal blockage.
Vet appointment at 9:40 am.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sick kitty.
Ash is off his food, and I've been coaxing him to eat cooked chicken since yesterday evening.
Looks like a trip to the vet tomorrow.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Curse removal wanted.

(Half) seriously...feeling like Chan and I are under some kind of a curse this summer.

We just had our third or forth bee attack. I'm losing track.
Yellow jackets this IDEA where they came from.
We'd just walked through the same area yesterday w/o problems.

Chandler is VERY sensitive to ANYTHING landing on his fur at this point,
so I knew we were in trouble when he suddenly looked at a light spot on his flank.
Despite beating a rapid retreat up the sidewalk, the little &#)$&#) were persistent,
and I had to beat them out of his fur.(I hope I squished a few.)

My bee phobia is really being tested this summer. *sigh*
At least I managed to beat them off him today.

I made out with no stings, and I think Chandler has only got one.
So the boy is now dosed with Benadryl.

Other Chandler news-
Unfortunately I've found a benign fatty tumor on him.
The literature says nobody knows what causes them.
I'm kind of suspicious about the stick he impaled himself on,
it's in the same area.

Other news-
job search continues.
I don't think I'm getting much done after today's bee incident.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sheep Herding Clinic

Yesterday Chandler and I headed out to a sheep herding clinic in MA. He's fine. I'm still recovering.

He apparently did very well, although I have to email the herding instructor to get more information on just what he was good at.

You see, my reaction was more of a "CALM DOWN, you maniac!"

The minute he saw the sheep he was crying to get at them, and trying to lunge forward if they moved too fast. This continued throughout the day, which meant that I didn't get to take pictures (many thanks to the person who gave these photos to me) or really watch the other dogs because I was busy leading my enthusiast away when he got too excited. Unfortunately he was so revved up I think he never got the point that he got led away when he starting crying and was allowed to watch the sheep when he was quiet. (We spent a lot of time away from the ring.)

When in the ring, I'm sorry to say the sheep were better at sticking to the instructor than I was. I suppose I was trying to balance watching Chandler, not getting run over by the sheep, staying out of the way of the pole the instructor was using to ward him off, and keeping up with where the instructor was. As it is, I was stepped on a lot.

He apparently has good instincts, and also the drive to do herding
He's very biddable to instruction (I guess his obedience training helped)
...and he's a "strong dog" that would be good on cattle. ( MARSHMALLOW? Well, he did keep trying to rush in a "grip" the sheep's legs.)