Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cats' trip to the vet

Ashke and Rowan got their yearly visit on Thursday.
Rowan is doing great, but Ashke had lost two pounds.
So we did a round of bloodwork that turned up...not much.
He could be headed toward hyperthyroidism, but its still in the (high) normal range.
We're unsure whether my stress was effecting him, or if physical problems are starting.
So I get to spoil him for two months, and take him for a recheck.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ongoing Chandler Saga.

Well, we went to the vet for a "I moved back into town, this is my dog that you've never seen" visit.
I really do prefer this guy to the other place; he is so much better at communication.
One interesting thing happened, however. He felt Chandler's knees, and thought that the
right one was just a bit puffier, like he had "water in the knee".
So....maybe Chandler did have a knee injury last summer, and it wasn't the hip?
Or maybe he'd had problems from both?

Anyway, the plan is to do a PennHip, to check the hips, and have the knee looked at
at the same time. Otherwise, keep everything the same, given that he's got good muscle mass.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lake Adventure

Having had great success in terrifying turkeys, Chandler decided to
try his paw at chasing/herding ducks yesterday.

Unfortunately for him, he tried to do so while swimming.
The ducks were not impressed, despite the nice wake he was creating.

This time, his recall did work, perhaps because he suddenly realized
how far from shore he was. Interestingly, the ducks followed him back
in, which helps me see how Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers do
their job.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The joys of suburban life: turkeys!

Late last afternoon I was out in the yard "walking" my two indoor cats,
and just disconnecting after a conversation on my cell, when I see the local wild turkey and her seven chicks walk around the corner of the house.

My first thought: "Uh oh."
Yes, Chandler has already launched himself, and *totally* ignores my recall yell.

Turkeys and dog disappear around the corner of the house to a soundtrack of much gobbling, and then some sort of poultry explosion happens and suddenly there are turkeys flying everyplace.

My second thought: "Wow...I don't think I've ever seen a turkey fly that far." (Chandler has managed to scatter them across three or four yards.)
My third thought: "Bad dog!"

When I manage to get to the scene, Chandler is frantically rushing about in the woods next to the house, looking for turkeys. There's no way I can go catch him, and it takes multiple commands to get him back in the yard and calmed down. And of course I can't yell at him once he has come...

I retrieve his 30 foot lead from the garage and practice a few recalls in the back yard. Of course, he does these just fine. The cats are looking at Chandler in disgust like he's a maniac...or ruined a perfectly good chance to stalk turkeys. He stays on the lead for the rest of the outing.

Honestly, it was rather funny, except that he didn't listen and someday he might decide to rush into a street after something. It looks like he'll be wearing his long lead while the cats are out,
and I'll be practicing more recalls with distractions, if possible.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The hazards of suburbia.

This is turning out to be one of those days that I should have gone back to bed.

Chandler and I got attacked by "bees" for the second time in two weeks this morning.
This time he got stung more than once, although I didn't get stung at all.
The dang things burrowed into his fur.
I feel bad because I have a bee phobia and couldn't get them out.
(Taking a grooming rake to his coat when we got home was nerve wracking.)
I suppose we were lucky they weren't yellow jackets like the last time,
or he could have been stung multiple times by one bee.
Although I didn't think honeybees nested in the ground...?

one call to vet in Naugatuck,
one trip to CVS for Benadryl,
one stop at the local vet to verify the Benedryl was correct,
and after an excessive amount of panic,

the dog is ok,
and he's getting all sleepy on Benedryl.

I'm thinking that I should order that book on pet first aid that I saw on Amazon.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ow! Ow! Ow! Yellow Jackets.

It's looking to be a bad day, and its not even 8:30 yet.

Nasty hot and humid weather most outdoor stuff is not possible with Chandler.
This is why I took him out really early for a shorter walk...
and of course, on the way back, right in the driveway,
we get attacked by yellow jackets for no known reason.
Chan snapped at one, I don't think he got stung.

My arm hurts, even if it was only one sting.
And now I'm flinching even when a fly approaches me.