Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cheerio & Who moved my bone?

Chandler had an eventful Sunday, as we drove up to my parents' lake house in MA and took a side trip to see another ES named Cheerio.

After seeing Cheerio, we arrived at the lake for an afternoon of relaxation. I'd brought a couple of his recreational bones for hanging out by the water, but unfortunately a couple got covered by ants-so I chucked them over two retaining walls and down into the lake to get rid of the ants. Chandler's reaction was along the lines of "*gasp* MY BONES!", leading to a charge down two stairways and into the water to find them.

I waded in to get the one that had landed in deeper water, then turned around to find out that Chan had come up with an interesting solution to getting the other one. So of course, I threw the larger bone in again and filmed it. :)

What I found interesting in this segment is that he makes a mistake and then immediately corrects himself and gets back on track. Sorry about the video quality...Sunday was the first time I used the movie function on my camera. I just regret I didn't get any footage of Cheerio and Chan.