Tuesday, February 21, 2006

rambling on...mostly about Chan, for those who want updates

I am really tired out...it feels like it's been a long day, but it really hasn't. No notes done today, although I spent most of the Olympics last night correcting papers. Instant replay is so wonderful...you really don't miss anything, and there is the added bonus of slow motion.

I did manage to start setting up for my groundwater lab next Monday, although Chandler was not crazy about lying around in my classroom while I washed 30 beakers. Boring I guess, when he could be off finding someone to adore him.

I am continually surprised at how people are amazed by Chandler. He sits, downs, comes when called except when in the middle of something like intense playing, follows off-leash in the dogpark or deserted school corridors, periodically seems to check in when off-leash, plays well with other dogs (even if he is sometimes intimidated if he gets flattened), and rarely barks (compared to other dogs, I guess...well somebody said he was surprisingly quiet.) He also loves people, and I'm taking full advantage of his "adorable puppy license" to get him introduced to as many people as possible. (I'm so proud of him! He went right up to a man in a wheelchair in Petsmart today! Wheelchairs tend to freak out a lot of dogs.) But people seem surprised he does all this...and I probably just seem befuddled because he's my first dog. (You mean this isn't normal puppy behavior?)

Maybe I like hearing this too much...it's good for my puppy-raising ego, and proof that I'm doing *something* right when I finally got my own dog. But I also feel I should be trying to gauge at what stage of development he should be at, and I have no personal knowledge for comparison.

Ok...he does sometimes act totally deaf to commands, but I'm trying to figure out whether he's distracted, stubborn, still sleepy, or if the problem in communication is on my end. He also gets a bit intimidated by new situations, but usually his "happy tail" is back to wagging in about half an hour or less. Really, he is just about four months and one week old so I think I should allow some leeway. Of course, I know his "teenage months" are looming ahead, which is all the more reason to work on training *now*.

But overall, I'm happy, he's happy. According to some people, he's amazing. I wish I had more time to train him, in between the quizzes, notes, and other school projects. I need to teach him a few tricks like "shake hands" or "high 5." Heck, I need to work on "stay" and "drop it".

...and I think I've hit the end of this babbling ramble...exhausted after going into work and taking Chan to the dog park for canine socialization.

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