Saturday, May 20, 2006

on the dangers of Petsmart...

...or more accurately, the dangers of being well known to Petsmart employees! *laugh*

The scene: Supplement/books/cleanup and housebreaking aisle, where I am practicing stays with Chandler.

Groomer: Chander! What a good puppy! (Chandler just got groomed yesterday, and apparantly behaved very well.) Does he like toys? (to me)

Me: Yes, actually he has one of those pastel sheep.

Groomer: Oh, you have to see this one, everyone loves them. (Leads the way to the toy aisle and takes down a loofa dog.)

Chandler: *sniffsniff* *GRAB* *CHOMP!* *tugtugtug*

Loofa Dog: *squeeksqueek-wahwah*

Chandler: *chomp* *chomp* *tug*

Groomer: Oops, he's got the tag off already.

Me: Well, I guess we're buying that one...

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