Monday, June 11, 2007

Woohoo! CGC!

Saturday Chandler and I attended an outdoor "dog days" benefit for one of
our local shelters. While there I decided to try Chandler on the
Canine Good Citizen testing. To make a long story short, he passed
the CGC and was complimented for being such a pleasant boy.

Now I'm not sure where we're going with his training, as CGC was my next goal. More proofing, of course, but I've also had people suggest training him as a therapy dog since he's so snuggly.

I also broke down and let Chandler try flyball. He'd been crying all through the frizbee, police dog, and flyball demos, and the jumps were short. He's a bit of a bull in a china shop...but apparently has some talent. His hip will probably preclude anything, however. He had this bad tendency to get excited and zoom 20 feet off the end of the course to help himself to the bucket of tennis balls. Perhaps this is the curse of an intelligent dog...anyway, I still need to work on fine control offleash.

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