Monday, August 13, 2007

The hazards of suburbia.

This is turning out to be one of those days that I should have gone back to bed.

Chandler and I got attacked by "bees" for the second time in two weeks this morning.
This time he got stung more than once, although I didn't get stung at all.
The dang things burrowed into his fur.
I feel bad because I have a bee phobia and couldn't get them out.
(Taking a grooming rake to his coat when we got home was nerve wracking.)
I suppose we were lucky they weren't yellow jackets like the last time,
or he could have been stung multiple times by one bee.
Although I didn't think honeybees nested in the ground...?

one call to vet in Naugatuck,
one trip to CVS for Benadryl,
one stop at the local vet to verify the Benedryl was correct,
and after an excessive amount of panic,

the dog is ok,
and he's getting all sleepy on Benedryl.

I'm thinking that I should order that book on pet first aid that I saw on Amazon.

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