Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nailed again; sick kitty

The person I was filling in for at work is back. YAY! No more leaving at 3 am or later.

I had a good time at Jen's yesterday, except Nixie bit Chan again (no damage done except psychological).
I'm feeling a bit sorry for Nixie; she was stressed the entire time she was out of the living room. Unfortunately, got beat up by another dog when Jen had to leave her with a friend once, and she now has an "I'm gonna get them first" attitude. This is hard on poor Chan, who was being just a bit TOO friendly.

Ashke is not feeling well today- diarrhea, no appetite and just lying around. No idea what threw him off. I'm hoping it is just a one day thing. However, it is a reminder that he's been losing weight this last year, and he is going to be 13. *sigh* I think he actually gained a pound in the last month too.

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