Monday, April 13, 2009

*sigh* No agility tonight

We're missing class.
Chandler did *something* to his hindquarters while playing chuckit yesterday afternoon.
By 8 pm he was whimpery, generally collapsed, and standing hunched over when coaxed to stand.
I was afraid he was bloating or had done something to his spine.
So, at 9 pm my dad and I headed out to the emergency clinic with him.
(Interestingly, when let out the back door, Chandler shuffled immediately to the car and loaded himself into the back seat.)
We had the usual long wait, and the only thing the vet could find was that his hind legs were really tensed up.
Diagnosis was a soft tissue injury that stiffened up.
So now Chan's on Metacam for a few days, and has been ordered to be a "couch potato".
(Honestly, it did say that on the sheet.)
He's better tonight, and is getting around, but I'm still going to make him take it easy.

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