Saturday, June 5, 2010

Introduction to K-9 Nosework, Week 2

Chandler was a bit calmer during K9 Nosework class this week. He was still enthusiastic, but there was a bit less of the "OMG! We're at Tails! Yay!!!!!!!" reaction. Maybe he's settling in a bit now that he knows this class wasn't a one-shot deal.

The first run was with 8 or 10 boxes on the floor. We actually started doing two runs on the same course before mixing things up. Chandler still seems to be taking to it like a duck to water. I managed to get footage of all of Chandler's runs after the first one by asking one of the instructors to man my camera.

Run 2A
The instructors started adding some elevation here by using chairs. As can be seen in the footage, it didn't slow down Chan.

Introduction to K9 Nosework, Week 2, Run 2A from Jean R. on Vimeo.

Run 2B
I started this run by playing a quick "find the tossed kibble" game with Chandler, so he wouldn't pay attention while the boxes were placed. It seemed to work well, and Chan was able to quickly refocus on the course when it was ready. When we were leaving, he wanted to check all the boxes that he hadn't searched, in case there were more hidden treats.

Introduction to K9 Nosework, Week 2, Run 2B from Jean R. on Vimeo.

Run 3A

For the third run, other objects were scattered about the course. What is most interesting here is that Chandler seemed to catch the scent from about three feet away, because he made a sudden turn and beelined for the box. On walks, he does similar things from greater distances, so I wonder how close to the box he has to be to catch the scent.

Introduction to K9 Nosework, Week 2, Run 3A from Jean R. on Vimeo.

Run 3B

This run took the longest. Chandler proved he was still the class hooligan by finding one of the few cookies from the previous night's class that had been missed by the instructors. I also found it interesting that he spent some time poking at the toy piano. We did a single shaping session over a year ago trying to get him to hit the keys. I wonder if he remembered...or if some of the scent from the box was wafting over it?

Introduction to K9 Nosework, Week 2, Run 3B from Jean R. on Vimeo.

Run 4

We were all sent out of the room for the forth exercise, so that the human half of the team would not know where the box with treats in it was being placed. Chandler reinforced his position as class hooligan by summarily dismissing the first box with a shove of his paw. Hopefully he didn't pay attention to the general laugh that followed. I wouldn't put it past him to do it again to make people laugh.

Introduction to K9 Nosework, Week 2, Run 4 from Jean R. on Vimeo.

Overall, I think Chandler is doing really well. Everything seems to come naturally with him. I need to start teaching him a behavior that he can use to indicate he has found the target, because he is a bit tough on the boxes, to say the least. I'd rather he didn't get too much into the habit of bashing them around.


  1. Love it!! He is a natural! I just wish we had similar classes available somewhere near enough to attend. Yay for Chandler- and 'Mom'too!
    Sylvia and ES rescue Luke

  2. Sylvia- Keep an eye out at your local training centers for classes; I think that Nosework is spreading rapidly because it is so much fun. :)

  3. yah Chandler! Showing that you are an English Shepherd. Smartest breed in the world! ( well, in my opinion!)

  4. I think you are biased toward your grandpuppy and his breed, Ruth. :)

    Hehe...just wait until I get footage from this week's nosework class posted over the weekend. The entire class is doing really well, but Chan is great at homing right in on that hidden hotdog!