Saturday, July 3, 2010

Introduction to K-9 Nosework, Week 6

Well, I think I've solved the problem of my video footage being cut off with a slight redesign of the blog. I hope everyone likes the new layout. I'll probably continue tinkering with it as time goes by, but for now I'm satisfied by the aesthetics and functionality.

This was our last week of Introduction to K-9 Nosework, and the weather was wonderful- mild for July, and not humid. It was perfect for practicing outdoor searches, so our new course was in a small paved area directly outside the training area. They still have us working on leash, which was actually necessary in this case as the search area was not fenced.

Since the search area was outside, we skipped crating the dogs in between runs, and just "hung out" in the smaller training room. Chandler really liked this arrangement, because the two whippet siblings and lab that have remained in class are all dog social. When not searching, the dogs were all busy playing, or training using the equipment in the room. It was rather funny to see Chandler bound up to a skateboard and slap a paw down on it after seeing the female whippet get a treat for standing her front legs upon it. I could almost see a "Hey! I can do that too! See? I'm a good should give me a treat" thought bubble over his head. Hmm...come to think of it, he later spent some time snuggling up to the owner of that whippet...when he wasn't busy jaw wrestling and zooming around in short leashed circles with her brother.

Run #1

I hadn't really expected many difficulties despite the higher level of distraction outside. We had already done some practice runs in the backyard, so I thought a small paved area should not be a problem. As can be seen, my faith in Chandler was well placed.

Run #2

Chandler had no difficulties finding the correct box on this run either. However, his mischievous streak is self evident in this footage. Yes, the camera tumbled into the grass because a certain hooligan decided to nudge it on the way to the nosework course...causing a minor delay.

Run #3

Yet another quick search...and Chandler is still showing interest in the camera.

Run #4

Yes, another quick search. Chandler is being a very good boy here, because two dogs coming for a class had just emerged from a car about 50 feet behind and to the left of the camera. He was very interested in them, but refocused on his job after he got a good look.

Run #5

Chandler got distracted during this run, and tried to yank me straight out of the search area. I suspect one of the dogs that had arrived during the last video might have urinated on the grass. Fortunately or unfortunately, Chandler is very good getting distracted; I think it just comes with being a very alert, curious, and sometimes impish dog. (Yes, he did try to check out the camera again.) Fortunately, he is also usually good at getting back to the task.

Run #6

The final run was also successful, although the box was placed in a more difficult location. I'm fairly sure Chan caught the scent being carried on the breeze during his return loop through the search area.

This set of classes was thoroughly enjoyable. I can't wait for the intermediate class to start, although it may be delayed a week or so. In the meantime, I'm going to try to squeeze in some practicing at home. The trainer suggested that I work a bit more on elevated hides.

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  1. It seems and interesting class, I do want to try it if it ever comes here. Chandler is doing really well!