Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Continued Nosework, Week 6

Construction Edition!

Tails U Win is expanding into the front of the building that the training center occupies. During our last class, we snuck through the secret passage (a blocked off area that used to be a closet cubbyhole) and explored the parts of the building that were being renovated. I think the expansion will almost double the size of the training center. During the initial tour, Chandler wanted to climb the stairs and check out the second floor. He was the only dog that seemed driven to go upstairs and check out the entire space. I'll just put that down to having a smart and curious dog. Unfortunately, after our explorations, we didn't have as much time to do our scent searches, but it was worthwhile to do the searches in the new space available. When we were finished, we blocked the opening in the wall again, and an impressive set of dusty footprints led across the training room and disappeared straight into the back wall.

Run #1

Unfortunately, construction meant bad light conditions, so it is practically impossible to see Chandler making the second find in this room. It is hidden in a pile of vertical construction stuff by the door. I had trouble locating it even when Chan was standing with his nose practically on top of the hide. The box hide was easier, although Chan is apparently excited enough to want to continue searching before he even collects his reward for finding the first hide.

Run #2

Chan is a trooper. His enthusiasm didn't diminish even when a stray screw got stuck to his paw. He shook it off, and got down to work. The first two hides in these rooms were easy to find, but we had more difficulty on the last two. I think we need to do more practice with multiple hides using only food. I think if he eats the food, and then the hide is gone, he'll pick up better on the idea that he has to find the next hide, and not go back to a previous one.

Run #3

D is for downpour. It is also for Distracted Dog. Once again we have trouble with multiple hides; and the total downpour outside was also a distraction, as Chandler was quite interested in looking out the window at the miniature waterfall coming off the roof. I think part of the problem is that I have some trouble reading his alert signs since he will sometimes move away from a hide before he gets his treats.

This footage was from our last formal Nosework class; at the moment I'm taking a break from classes because my work schedule has gotten very busy in October. I'm planning to do some informal practice around home, if time permits.

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