Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Somehow, I don't think that is Santa Claus on the roof.

When last we left our narrative, Chandler and I had just returned from a walk around the neighborhood to find that the roofers had arrived and were shoveling the snow off the house. Chandler was unfortunately less than thrilled, although he listened to me and did not bark.

I don't care what you say.
Those shovels are highly suspicious.

The house had looked like this when we left it.

That ladder was from Grandpa checking the snow on the roof,
not the evil shovel-wielding invaders.

Chan had a short barking fit once we got inside, but calmed down when I brought him to the window and showed him the snow falling as it was shoveled off the roof.

You mean there is a good reason for all this bumping and thumping?

Ashke looked like he could care less, despite the noise.

Hey, cat trying to sleep here. Point that camera someplace else.

Rowan wasn't as unflappable as Ashke, however.

I'm safe under the bed.
I'm safe under the bed.
I'm safe under the bed.

The sun came out and we could see the shadows of the workers on the roof.

I have been told to relax. I will not bark.

At least we could see the shadows when a shovelful of snow didn't block the view.

I will NOT bark...

It took the shovelers most of the afternoon, but the end result was a cleared roof...and huge mounds of snow all around the house.

Good, they're finally gone!


  1. Is there much ice on the roof? It seems like this would be an insanely dangerous job if there were.

  2. I don't think our roof was very icy, although there was 2-3 feet of snow on it that had three icy "crust" layers. My parents were very much into insulation, so not much heat escapes from the roof to melt the snow. This left fairly decent footing compared to other houses I have observed being cleared this week.

    The houses with huge icicles and ice jams in my previous post are probably not as well insulated. The snow on them melts into an icy layer from the bottom up and makes a mess.

    However, the job really needed to be done, considering the sleet and freezing rain that arrived today. We didn't want too much weight up there.

  3. How do the workers protect themselves from falls? Do they have ropes and harnesses? Crampons? If they have crampons, wouldn't that hurt the roof?

  4. I haven't seen anybody with safety equipment. :(

    I think it is mostly the roofing/gutter companies that are doing this, so they are already used to working on roofs.

  5. So, who pays if someone falls off the roof? Presumably the contractor has insurance against that, yes?

  6. Yep. The contractor should be insured.