Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mudhole Negotiations

I'm very overdue for an update. I've been working on a post about the hike we took with friends the weekend before Chandler's birthday. Unfortunately, I just worked over 60 hours this week, and am exhausted. Writing will have to wait until I feel more coherent.

Instead I offer a slideshow of some photos I took during the hike. The mud puddle incident was hilarious, but it wasn't until I looked at the photos that I realized how much communication was passing between the dogs.

The players:

Chandler- adult male ghost tri that looks like a black and white
Sadie- one year old female tricolor
Elvira- black and white female puppy


  1. This is awesome. Chan looks a lot like my Miss Libby in these pics. She's so dainty about getting wet, but as we discovered when we had the landscape demolition this week, she LURVES to get filthy in the mud when given the opportunity.