Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordful Wednesday: Ashke Recovering

To give you all some context for this video, Ashke has been sick since Sunday night, which has caused me a lot of worry.

I ended up taking him to the veterinarian on Monday, since a lack of appetite is extremely unusual for him. He's almost 17, and I wanted him checked before it could become worse, as not eating can sometimes cause a serious liver condition in cats. He got a steroid shot to make up for the prednisolone pill he'd vomited, a shot for the nausea, and some subcutaneous fluids to make sure he didn't dehydrate.

That night he chowed down on the Prescription Diet EN and seemed much better. (I know, ick. But it was only a few cans.) Tuesday morning he happily ate breakfast.

Tuesday afternoon he threw up all the rice grains from the EN, and later refused food even if I gave him his Wellness canned turkey. He barely licked at the "gravy" in his cat bowl early this morning. I was all set to drag him back to the vet for bloodwork...

...and he decided he wanted a snack in the late morning. So he had one, and kept it down. He's been snacking on small portions every few hours, he looks much more alert, and he is actually interested in his surroundings.

I'm hoping this trend continues.

So...this is a video taken this afternoon. In it I say a lot of nonsensical things to my cat, because I am very happy he is feeling better. He says a number of things back, which probably amount to "I want another snack!"

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