Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lessons from Nosework

Unfortunately, it has not been practical to get footage of Chan's nosework classes.
I'm busy handling Chan, and the instructor is busy teaching me.
Where is a stray cameraman when you need one?

However, I am learning a lot of useful things.

1. Chandler focuses better when he is on lead. If he's not, he tends to rush around frantically.

2. Chandler seems to like to do searches at 90 mph. I need to work on slowing him down so he can concentrate.

3. Chandler's main reward is food, and I need to work to expand on that. Somehow he has become not very toy motivated. I knew he really wasn't into tugging, but it surprised me that he had little interest in bouncing after a tennis ball or squeaky toy unless it was his idea.

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