Sunday, April 29, 2012

So far, so good...

Two weekends ago Ashke had a seizure of some type.  He shot halfway across the backyard during one of our outings and collapsed, his body out of control.  A trip to the emergency veterinarian confirmed my suspicions that it had probably been a seizure.  His behavior during the episode, subsequent disorientation, and seemingly rapid recovery were typical for that kind of event.  Of course, by the time we got to the veterinarian, he was his normal self; purring, wandering about the exam room rubbing against things, and loudly complaining that he was missing dinner.  I didn't blog anything at the time because I wasn't sure what would happen.  The vet said it could be the start of something, or a one time occurrence.  I'm hoping for the one time occurrence.

For the last two weeks Ashke has been eating, sleeping, climbing into my lap purring, eating, wandering creakily around the house on his 17 year old legs, and eating.  Yes, I said eating three times.  I think he's putting weight back on.  I hope it is a good sign, given the fact that I dragged him off to our regular vet in March because I was concerned that he wasn't eating enough.  In the meantime he seems happy and in good health, so I'm going to enjoy things as they are for now.

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  1. keeping my fingers crossed, it is always scary when our older feline and canine friends act out of sorts.