Monday, August 6, 2012

Sick kitty. :(

I took Rowan to the veterinarian this afternoon.  She's been a bit "off" for a week.  Rowan is the pesty cat, so you know something is wrong if she's not complaining to you every other hour.  There were a few moments in the past week where she seemed better; she'd get up to ask for attention, and once or twice she ate at least half a plate of food. I hadn't realized just HOW quiet she was until I was home this weekend and she spent most of her time sleeping on or under the bed.  It was also difficult to get her to eat very much; she's always been a snacker, but this weekend she'd mostly only eat a bite or two if you set her down in front of a plate of cat food.  She was beginning to feel overly skinny, and her fur was looking unkempt.

So off to the veterinarian we went.  I was correct about Rowan's weight; she'd lost half a pound, which isn't good for a 6-7 lb cat.  She was also running a slight temperature, and might have some kind of infection.  We're having bloodwork and a urinalysis done to try and track down the problem.  In the meantime, Rowan got an antibiotic shot and some fluids to keep her from dehydrating.

She ate a bit when we got home and has been resting.  Hopefully the antibiotic will take effect or the bloodwork will show something.

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