Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Overdue update, and my poor puppy. :(

I haven't posted in a while. So I'd better first say that I had a great time on my first vacation in years down in DC with friends, even if I did find out that Goths were dangerous. ;)

I have also discovered that there seems to be absolutely no Indian restaurants in Waterbury. Argh. Just when I finally got to try some Indian food in DC. Too bad, as it was delicious.

Otherwise life goes on, and lesson plans for next fall are being worked on.

My major worry at the moment is Chandler.
he has been showing some pain in his rear hind leg (occasional
yelping running or coming up a steep slope, with very infrequent
limping that tends to be subtle) and after a week of rest didn't
settle him, I took him to his veterinarian yesterday.

The verdict was that he'd done some kind of soft tissue damage to his
knee. He's only 9 months old and must have overdone it somehow. The
joint seemed "stiff" but not loose, so perhaps he'd stretched or
slightly torn his anterior cruciate ligament. We were sent home with
anti-inflammatories to take until Friday, and told he needed indoor
rest with only potty walks for a week, after which we could "take it
slow", depending on how he is.

That last bit is unsettlingly vague for me.

His trainer thinks I should treat it like a full ACL recovery, and
only let him walk on leash or swim for the next three months, and make
sure he doesn't back up, play with other dogs, or make tight turns for
the next 6 months.

Complicating this is that he was supposed to start a puppy agility
class on Thursday, which I am thinking we had better put off for now.

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