Friday, July 7, 2006

In Requiem

Today I start my day with tears.
My friends' dog is gone, taken by the problems of old age.
I knew her well, because they were kind enough to let me and my cats stay with them for a time.
Sometime in the past week, they had to make that choice that is so wrong for you, and yet so right for a suffering pet.
That is love.
I wasn't there to offer support because I was off on vacation, and didn't know.
I offer this now, and the fruits that will come of a few extra errands today.

I remember Candy and her sled dog smile...
I remember her "woowoo!" which startled a friend of mine that was not northern breed saavy.
I remember how joyous she was when my cat Rowan snuck out the back door when I let the dogs out. She thought kitty had come to play.

I'm sorry she never got to meet Chandler. They probably would have adored each other.

I start my day with tears for an old dog and her "mommy and daddy", and also with a few good memories that I hope will not be forgotten in the pain.

This is for all three of you, and Melody too.

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