Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend report

Saturday was not noteworthy.

Sunday Chandler and I drove down to my Jenn's to have some fun and so that Chandler could get a bath. (Mutually exclusive activities, for Chandler at least-but he should complain too much because at least the water was warm.) As Jenn used to groom, Chandler got the works, as far as he was concerned (I draw the line at doggie colognes), so he had his ears and other crazy fur trimmed. He still looks pretty natural, but is now managing to be less of a furry beast after the grooming.

After the bath, we went on a hike with two of her ES girls-so Chandler could get himself messy again, or course. :) Then Jen and I went out for dinner- Mexican followed by ice cream. The night wrapped up with another walk around the neighborhood with all four of Jenn's ES girls. Chandler was thrilled to be out with the girls...even if he knows better than to mess with them.

Chandler should be feeling rather spoiled at the moment. Jen gave him a stuffed goose toy for his upcoming birthday, and a collar she had been meaning to give him last Christmas. She also gave me a spare reflective coat and bandanna for Chandler that she had, when I asked her where I might be able to find something like that for our nighttime walks. I'm feeling better that he'll be more visible to cars.

Jen's also got a friend who graduated from the library program at Southern, so I may be able to get some more information about it. (Yay!) Leaning more that way.

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