Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chandler hip update

I got Chandler rechecked by the orthopedic specialist last week, and did a PennHIP at the same time. PennHIP is a measure of joint laxity that is done by the University of Pennsylvania Vet School. ( As it uses three x-rays in different positions, many dog people think it is more reliable than OFA screening. Chandler's results just came back yesterday.

As usual for Chandler, it's not that great, but it could have been worse. DI 0.61/0.57, putting him in the 30th percentile, with no sign of Degenerative Joint Disease (yet) This translates to is left hip can come 61% out of joint and his right 57%. This puts him in the lowest 30% of the English Shepherds that they have on record, and the laxness means that he has a greater chance of developing degenerative joint disease later in life.

However, the specialists thought there were some small changes occurring on the right side.
There's no signs of changes in the neck yet, but they thought the ball may have started being remodeled a bit.
Their orthopedic specialist found no problems in Chandler's knees, but was able to pop both hips out of socket fairly easily.
(After which they slid back in.) Both left and right thighs are evenly muscled.
Both specialists that I talked to at the clinic say he has hip dysplasia, as the joint is not "normal".
His right side only has about 40% of the "ball" in its "cup".

I suspect when Chandler is having a major problem, one of his hips has popped out and back in.
So far that's only twice this year. Once when saving his sheltie buddy from another dog, and once when I think he got stuck in the mud in a pond. over exercising, no agility, no flyball. *sigh* Herding might be ok, and swimming would be great.

I need to win the lottery, buy a farm, and stick a swimming pool in the back yard. ;)

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