Monday, December 29, 2008

Just sent a message out to tick-l

I HATE ticks.

Chandler got a faint hit on his 4X snap test during his yearly vet visit.
It took them a little over a
week to actually run the test (I guess they do them in batches), and I
assume his blood sample had been stored since his visit. After finding the
faint positive, they sent more of his blood out for a CBC, which came back

I haven't seen any overt symptoms. His appetite is excellent, and he hasn't
slowed down any, and he isn't favoring any of his legs. The only times I
have heard him cough are when he's straining at the end of his leash because
of a big distraction, (such as the neighborhood suburban fox). He may be
taking a bit longer to squat when eliminating, but it is hard to tell as he
does have minor hip dysplasia that is controlled with supplements. His hips
sometimes seem to be sore if he's been a "weekend warrior"- he will sit down
if slight pressure is placed on them, but once again, that could be him
overextending when he has dysplasia.

My veterinarian has recommended waiting. I asked about retests, and they
said to do another CBC in six months. I'll admit that I have some trust
issues because the last clinic I took Chandler to misdiagnosed his hip
dysplasia for two or three months (despite having taken an x-ray), and also
failed to remove a lot of dirt, wood chips, and bark when they removed a
stick he had impaled himself upon.

Anaplasmosis can be very serious. *SIGH*

So...I've just sent out a message to the major tick disease list online.
It was recommended by some people from the ES lists.
Here's to hoping I can get some great advice from the experts.

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