Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Agility Class Update

Chan has been to three weeks of beginners agility class so far.

Week one, he was great. He started off a bit overwhelmed-its a large class of about 10 dogs, but really perked up when we took out the jumps and started practicing with them low.

Week 2- Debacle.
After Chan's first run through two tunnels, he broke away with me to zoom around the training center with the dog who went through the tunnels after him. He had a great time, but was so wound up afterwards that he really couldn't focus, kept popping out of the tunnels, and even jumped on top of one. Yeesh...crazy dog.

Week 3- Better.
I decided to keep Chan busy with various "fun" commands while we were waiting. (Pay attention to me...you are not breaking loose and joyriding this week!) It worked really well, and the lesson suffered more from my inexperience and clumsiness than Chan's "vroom" this week. He did really well, except for one little snafu. Chan is too smart for my own good.

About halfway through the class the instructor decided that she didn't want us leaning down to reward the dogs on the target,
because that could become an unintended cue.
So she walks purposefully across the classroom, with Chandler avidly watching because instructors rarely do that.
She goes to the refrigerator that has the REALLY GOOD homemade treats.
( I think Chandler MIGHT have seen me get treats from there once, months ago.)
Now Chan is a bit of a food hound, and he also does things with gusto...
so when it's our turn, he shoots to the end of his leash in overdrive,
much more eager than he'd been all night, although he'd been enthusiastic and willing.
All he wanted to do was DRAG ME to the obstacle and do whatever he can to get those REALLY GOOD treats!

Oh well, it is just his third class.
I think we're going to keep working on focus. ;)

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