Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Veterinary Updates

Last week:

Ashke went in to check out something that felt like a fatty lump behind one of his shoulders. Lipomas are not so common in cats, and he's 13, so I figured a check was in order. A needle biopsy resulted in mostly connective tissue, and nothing serious. After thought, we tried the microchip scanner, and sure enough, his microchip was in there. We tentatively concluded that Ashke had built up tissue around his chip, and decided just to keep an eye on it for changes.

Chandler went in because he'd been shaking his head to flap his ears, and cleaning them hadn't helped. He had some wax plugs and one of the ears looked a bit irritated upon examination. The vet used some stronger ear cleaner and sent us home with some ointment to use for a week.


Second opinion on Chandler's anaplasmosis issue. After going over the facts, this vet noted that Chandler's CBC results were a bit harder to read because the clinic had used week-old blood, but he was a bit low on platelets, which she found was a possible indication of anaplasmosis. Given my paranoia and the status of my checkbook(being a full time student is not good for it) I elected to do a course of doxycycline with him, and run a titer around June.

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