Sunday, May 23, 2010


I think Rowan missed her calling as a barn cat on a farm.

Due to local coyotes, foxes, and the other risks that outdoor cats are exposed to, my cats only go outside under escort. Ashke has always been easy to catch. Occasionally he'll stealthily amble up a neighbor's driveway, but I'm half convinced he only does this so I'll chase after him and pick him up.

Rowan a bit of a free spirit. She'll take off and has led me on a merry chase through the neighbor's bushes. Because of this, she always wears a harness and drags a 15 foot locked Flexi lead behind her. If she disappears into the bushes, I can at least find the end of the flexi.

Today she determinedly dragged the lead across our front lawn and settled into a crouch at the edge of the woods, I had wandered over to check on her and tell Chandler to leave her alone when she suddenly pounced forward making a series of batting motions with her front paws. In less than two seconds she emerged with a chipmunk in her mouth and started making a beeline for the back door. I think she was planning to take it home and eat it...but was stopped by the closed door, and a very curious dog. Perhaps Chan was impressed. After all, his breed is supposed to help eradicate vermin on the farm. He snuffled the little body all over. I'm actually surprised Rowan didn't bop him on the muzzle, as she was hovering over her catch the entire time. She wasn't happy when I wouldn't let her eat it; the cat is a first rate complainer, but I will say she had an excuse this time.

I am somewhat impressed that my 15 year old cat is able to catch rodents while dragging a heavy leash behind her. However, I am glad that she isn't an indoor/outdoor cat with her own cat flap. If she was, I fear she would be dragging everything indoors.

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