Saturday, August 7, 2010

Intermediate K9 Nosework, Week 4

Thursday did not have an auspicious start. Rowan ran me over just past 6 am, demanding breakfast, so I crawled out of bed and fed the cats and Chandler. Usually I can get some more sleep after feeding everyone, but a thunderstorm rolled in, and I gave up on sleep and got an early breakfast of my own.

The Labrador was back in class this week, and a lady with a cattle dog and merle Border Collie (I think) had also joined us. She kept her dogs out in the other room. Chan wasn't as fast at making finds this week for some reason. I'm not sure whether it was stress because of the early storm, the presence of new dogs, lingering scent in the boxes from the previous beginner class, or something else.

Run 1

The simulated effects of an earthquake about 30 seconds into this video were caused by yummy food in a bowl on the table where the camera was. I really can't blame Chan, and I don't know why the food wasn't in a sealed container. It seems odd that it wasn't after the dogs have spent weeks looking for food in boxes.

Run 2

I think Mr. Hooligan was attempting to stage a raid on that bowl on the table again. Nancy blocked him, and he decided to get down to work. I find it interesting that Chandler looped out around the yellow cone before homing in on the correct box. It makes me wonder what way the scent was flowing.

Run 3

I do like Chan's enthusiasm...however, I did have to restrain him from checking out the table again...although he does manage to bop the camera. It is interesting how much "shaking off" Chandler did while searching. I think it is a sign of him being a little bit stressed during this particular class, maybe because we won't let him check out the table.

Run #4

I do wish the I had better footage for this run. There are two hides, one of which is about 3 feet up on the right wall. He had difficulty with it. I need to find the time to practice height with him. Interestingly, he quickly finds the second hide on the back of the chair, even though he had walked past it several times previously.

Overall, I found this week's class a bit perplexing. For whatever reason, Chandler seemed to have more difficulty working.

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