Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Intermediate K9 Nosework, Week 6

Sadly, this was our last week with the Whippets. Volley is off to agility class, and Skylar is taking a break from Nosework. They are a lot of fun, and I think Chandler will miss them. I know I will.

Run 1

This was one of Chan's quick runs directly to the hide. Interestingly, he doesn't wait for me to open the box and feed him, but instead goes to check another box. This could pose problems if I am not sure whether he has really found the hide. I wonder if it is a case of him being so revved up that he cannot stand still, given that he shakes right after returning to the original box? Of course, he may just want to check the second and third boxes. I really wish I knew what he was thinking.

Run #2

In which Chandler gets to indulge in pounding upon a box.

Run #3

The beginning of this run belongs in a blooper reel. When I said "Search", Chandler immediately shot over to his mat in the waiting area and flopped down on it. Perhaps I had been giving him a bit too much reinforcement for staying quietly on it while Volley was doing her search. Otherwise, I'll just have to put it down to hooliganism.

Despite the false start, we pulled ourselves together and continued searching for the two hides. At about 45 seconds in, Chandler gives me the LOOK after making a find. I generally translate these as "Hey, numb-nose, it's here!" The second hide was at the far end of the table. I think we need more practice finding scent in odd places.

Run #4

Chandler certainly loves his boxes. He seems more enthusiastic about the hides that are in them. Perhaps he finds banging on boxes intrinsically rewarding. The second hide was up on the wall. I think he finds hides that are greatly elevated to be the most difficult. The end of the video is rather interesting, because Chan does walk straight to the third and final hide after taking his "thinking break". Maybe he really did need to take a short break?

Run 5

Sorry...I ran out of memory card on this one. He found it. I don't remember where it was, but he did find it. :)

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