Saturday, November 20, 2010

All in the family

Chandler's grand-niece Kateri attended a Nosework Workshop in October. Her owner, Michelle, has given me permission to link video footage here.

This is the footage of her second run:

...and her third:

I think Kateri has that "wag while you work" thing that Chandler does. :)


She's showing some good tenacity here to push the boxes over, and is also very discerning to figure out that the food is in the top box. Kateri seems to share Chandler's tendency to make a systematic search. Luckily for Michelle, she doesn't seem to share Chandler's tendency to run into the room at warp speed.


I find it very interesting that Kateri carefully checks the box where the food had been in the previous run. This may be due to residual scent, but Chandler has shown a tendency to check spots simply because he remembers them.


Kateri seems to be moving very enthusiastically between boxes in this last clip, although she still isn't quite the rocket that Chandler usually is. She's doing a really good job of finding the food too. I find it fascinating to see the differences in the way she and Chan work. I hope Michelle goes on with Nosework training so we can do some practicing together.

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