Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

This one is for you, Sue. :)

Chandler and I went to a holiday fair hosted by the Protectors of Animals this weekend.
While at the fair, Chandler charmed a lot of people and posed with the "Clauses".
I find this photo apropos, given that we are about halfway between Halloween and Christmas.
Mrs. Claus seems to be keeping a wary eye on the smiling demonpuppy.


  1. Thanks! My dogs would never behave well enough for a santa picture. You're right - Mrs Clause is definitely watching him carefully although she couldn't see his spooky eyes from her position...

  2. The owner of Chandler's sheltie friend was working as a pet photographer for several years, so Chan's a pro at posing. I think he thought it was part of his job. He'd be offleash in the middle of Petco doing tricks or rooting around in Kit's prop boxes between shots.

    After the fact, I do wonder if I surprised them this weekend by simply unclipping his leash in the rear of a church hall full of people, toys, and baked goods. Really, I wasn't living THAT dangerously...he was on lead near the baked goods. ;)