Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

It has been a quiet Christmas here. Ashke is feeling better now that I'm stuffing four pills into him daily to help with his gastrointestinal issues. Rowan was very busy with the new catnip toys and is now curled up sleeping. Chandler tried to help unwrap everyone's presents; I think he thought they were all for him. :)

Is this good? I'm posing with the gingerbread guy.

I'm busy with this cat toy...hey, is there a gingerbread theme going on?

No gingerbread here...why am I being asked to pose when I am recovering?

I told you I was busy with this cat toy!

Ok, I'll pose for the sake of the photo album.
Here's my best cute kitten impression instead.

Holidays are exhausting.
So many toys, so little time.

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