Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Triptych: I wish my dog would stop scaring me like this.

Sometimes Chandler scares me.

This has nothing to do with flaws in his temperament or any sort of fear for the well-being of my self or my friends around him. Chandler is mostly marshmallow, or pure fluffernutter as one of my friends has put it.

It has everything to do with his propensity for mishaps.

In his first year and a half he fell into a river in flood, caught a hind leg under a root while running at full speed, got roughed up while protecting his friend Crevan from a larger dog, impaled himself on a 7 1/2 " stick, and was attacked by bees three times in a single summer.

After that I got wise...or perhaps paranoid would be a better word. I will admit it is still very difficult to watch him accelerate while we are hiking in the woods. Fortunately he seems to have learned his lesson about sticks that don't get out of his way. Sometimes it is hard to balance safety and freedom; he isn't a dog that should be kept on a 6 foot leash his entire life.

Still, things like this have the power to make me flinch a bit:

Zoom! Whee!


Stabilizers deployed, recovery achieved.