Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring fling at Goss

Remember that I.O.U?

Here are some photos from that outing at the Goss Property on the 10th. I'm sorry it took so long, but I've been busy with Chandler's lame right rear leg and his treatment for anaplasmosis. To make a long story short, between the doxycycline for treating his tick borne disease and Deramaxx for his leg, Chan's ALT shot up to almost 15 times the normal value range. His appetite suffered, and I was busy trying to get him to eat. Fortunately he seems to be feeling much better since he has been taken off the doxycycline and is getting a liver support supplement. As of tonight, he's being treated with a different antibiotic that will hopefully finish off the anaplasmosis problem.

Our outing included six English Shepherds and two Golden Retrievers. It was a fun day, and Chan had a great time. In fact, he had such a good time that I had no idea he had managed to hurt himself until we got home and he suddenly started having trouble climbing the stairs. Past experience and some video footage suggest that Chandler strained a hind leg muscle while chasing balls shot from the launcher. I feel bad that I didn't notice anything; but he was climbing all over boulders later like nothing was wrong.

But I really LIKE fetch.
It's even more fun when you drop the ball
half-way back and make the humans search for it.

This is Sadie and Ernie.
They're both puppies and like to play.

I did play chase for a little while with Sadie,
but she mostly had Ernie stuck to her ruff.

I also played with Peddler.

Here is another photo of Peddler.

Helo is squinting as I run by and Peddler moves in for a sniff in this photo.
He didn't do much running because he had an injured carpal joint.
Helo is Peddler's sire.

Did I mention Ernie and Sadie really liked to play together?
Ernie was 11 weeks old, and Sadie was around six months old at the time.
Oh yeah, Helo is Sadie's great-grandsire!

This is Mose.
Helo is his grandsire.

We played in the river.
I love water! So did the Goldens; their names are Faith and Paige.

Ernie took his first plunge.

Here is a photo of Ernie and me.

...and this is why Mom had no idea I had pulled a muscle.
I really like to climb onto big rocks.

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  1. OMG you know Ernie. I know his breeder, Vicki McKinnie! I took all the puppy pictures of his litter. At that time he was the sleepy boy who wanted nothing more than to snuggle on the sleeping bag.