Sunday, September 17, 2006

Upsetting end to a good weekend

Well, Friday night went very well at the Modernmyths party.
I took Chandler out for a great run in a local park beforehand,
he was quite happy to get petted by all the Smith girls, and didn't freak out at any of the men.
He actually stopped a car in the parking lot by being criminally cute while doing a high-5.

And then this morning happened...

I went out to the park today early when there was only three other dogs there.
Chandler was doing figure 8's around a friendly lab when he suddenly did a slight twist at low speed and yelped. He held up his right hind leg for about half a minute after that, and then started using it again.
Of course, now he seems to be putting weight on it, but I think that doesn't mean anything...
I'm calling the vet Monday to check for laxity and a cruciate tear.

He was zooming around hiking trails offleash Friday with no problems.
He just started agility class.
The MA English Shepherd meet is 3 weeks away.

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