Saturday, September 2, 2006

Minor update

I had a great trip to Ikea with friends last weekend. (You know who you are.) Amazingly, the cinnamon buns lasted until Thursday. I'm hoping everyone is enjoying their little globe lights, unfortunately I haven't had time to find a spot for my two lanterns yet. And yes, Chandler ADORES his dragon.

Lyssa and Tlttlotd- I am blaming my betta obsession on you. :)
I picked up Jabberwock, a white betta with blue wash and reddish fin tips soon after visiting, and have just gotten a blue crowntail as of yesterday. He doesn't have a name yet. (Name suggestions solicited!) I'm still searching for the perfect Boojum to replace my deceased Snark on my desk at work-none of the bettas at Petsmart last night seemed quite right.

Tomorrow Chan and I will hopefully be off to the birthday party of his cousin, Nixie. I'm expecting him to become a happy, muddy, tired mess.

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