Saturday, March 21, 2009

Advanced Beginner's Agility Week 5

Hmm...Chandler must be improving, because I have less to talk about.
I reinforced him some more for going over jumps, which does tend to make him get in front of me then whirl around. ("Wasn't that great Mom?") But we were much less lost on the course. He did launch himself off the side of the a-frame once, and twice off the baby dogwalk. I think I might have caused that, because he started climbing it earlier in the class when he wasn't supposed to, and I told him "off". So he probably got into his head that he was supposed to go partway up then leap off. Oh well.

Plus we still have to really learn to do the weaves. It's a bit tough with none at home to practice with. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow some that belong to a friend.

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