Friday, March 6, 2009

It's a good thing the neighbors like him...

Chan did a little breaking and entering today. Or at least entering, I don't think breakage was involved. BAD dog, regardless. I guess this is part of the curse of having a curious, intelligent pet, although frankly, I think he's been waiting for his chance because he's run up to this neighbor's front step several times, and wagged at the front door.

Anyway, we were out for our afternoon walk and ran into Mrs H., and her family's elderly but spry miniature poodle. As we were talking, another neighbor, Mrs. G, was returning up the street to her house. Mrs. G had her son's Newfoundland with her, as they are apparently dog sitting this weekend. Chan loves the newfie, so I let him off leash to zoom around the H's front yard with the other dog. After a bit, I look away to help with the poodle who can't be off leash, and when I look back, Chandler has disappeared.

I call his name a few times, and he doesn't come, which is odd, so I walk down the driveway to check the back yard. Nothing. As I turn to go back to the front yard, I notice Mrs. H has left the door between the garage and the house open.

Yes, Chandler must have seen his chance, and shot into the garage and straight into the house. He did finally come when called-straight down the stairs to the house's basement and the exit to the garage. Oh yes...he was also grinning and had a stolen rawhide in his mouth. I expect that Mrs. H found her poodle's dog bowl was empty when she finally got upstairs.

*sigh* He's such a goofball.

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