Saturday, September 15, 2007

Curse removal wanted.

(Half) seriously...feeling like Chan and I are under some kind of a curse this summer.

We just had our third or forth bee attack. I'm losing track.
Yellow jackets this IDEA where they came from.
We'd just walked through the same area yesterday w/o problems.

Chandler is VERY sensitive to ANYTHING landing on his fur at this point,
so I knew we were in trouble when he suddenly looked at a light spot on his flank.
Despite beating a rapid retreat up the sidewalk, the little &#)$&#) were persistent,
and I had to beat them out of his fur.(I hope I squished a few.)

My bee phobia is really being tested this summer. *sigh*
At least I managed to beat them off him today.

I made out with no stings, and I think Chandler has only got one.
So the boy is now dosed with Benadryl.

Other Chandler news-
Unfortunately I've found a benign fatty tumor on him.
The literature says nobody knows what causes them.
I'm kind of suspicious about the stick he impaled himself on,
it's in the same area.

Other news-
job search continues.
I don't think I'm getting much done after today's bee incident.

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