Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ashke home update

Ash is looking 100% better. He just asked for "brunch" after having breakfast at 6 am, and is now busy cleaning up after eating. He spent last night on my bed, doing his best to snuggle up and immobilize me. (I wonder if it is coincidence that he prefers to lie on the side of the bed that I have to get out of?)

He seems a little more sensitive to the dog's presence, but of course Chandler had to snuffle Ash all over when he came back from the vet. His highness did not appreciate that.

The only problem right now is that Ash's "eau d' vet clinic" is making Rowan (the other kitty) not recognize him, so we've had some hissing and growling going on. Rowan is in a snit, and is now taking it out on Chandler by growling, hissing, and whacking him. *sigh*

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