Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So, a few weeks ago I was walking Chandler, and a little terrier broke out of its house and charged him to attack. Luckily no harm done except for Chandler's psyche; he thinks all dogs should play with him. The owner apologized.

This morning I walk by the house and "Toto" sees us and goes crazy by the screen door. No biggie, except one of the kids is at home and is saying "Good boy, get that doggie!" (Argh)

Which means I am dropping by the house later to mention this, and point out a few things to this boy's parents.

1. Their dog is small, and not all dogs are marshmallows like Chan. If this behavior is encouraged, the dog could end up dead, or very hurt.

2. They have small children. If their dog starts something, the kids could get seriously hurt.

3. I like my marshmallow, who happens to have a Canine Good Citizen certificate, and don't want his temperament ruined by dogs attacking him. Their son was encouraging that sort of behavior.

I am not looking forward to this discussion.

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