Monday, February 2, 2009

Call in to the veterinarian...

So Chan has had an "iffy" appetite for about a week.

Of course, last Sunday was perhaps due to eating a lot of meaty refrigerated dog treats, meatballs, and cheese while working on his focus during Libby's class...

And Tuesday morning perhaps from having a bunch more treats during agility...

But he was mostly fine the other days.

But he didn't want to eat this morning...and the only think I think he got into was about an eighth of a can of Instinct cat food yesterday evening, which should not be enough to throw him off.

I did get him to eat his doxycycline wrapped in 1/2 a slice of american cheese, but that is it.
I'm wondering if almost 3 weeks of the antibiotic is messing with his system...?

So, hopefully my vet will call back soon...I don't know if I should just let his stomach rest, or take him in.

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