Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I will never send money to HSUS

Chander had a pit bull girlfriend down in Naugatuck. They're great dogs, in my opinion, and probably more emotionally stable and resilient than my beloved herding breed. It is a shame they attract so many irresponsible dog owners. They can be dog aggressive, but so can English Shepherds, Akitas, and a lot of other breeds.

I'm not sure if I will ever own one, however. Frankly, people want to kill them, and my heart would break if anything ever happened.

If Chan got lost, most people would probably say "Hey, there is one of those dogs from the movie "Babe", here boy...don't be shy." If I had a pit, I'd have to worry about people panicking and shooting it.

There are around 300 English Shepherds in Montana that got removed from a bad situation. People have been working their tails off to save and socialize these dogs so they can hopefully be placed in homes after the trial.

150 pit bulls in Wilkes County, NC that had been removed from a bad situation got their trial recently. Yesterday, at a judge's order, they were all killed without any kind of temperament evaluation. This includes 60 puppies that were born while the dogs were in custody waiting for the trial date, and pups nursed to health in a foster home.

Vick's dogs are very, very lucky. Because of the high profile of the case, they had a chance. These North Carolina dogs never had a chance...and the HSUS pushed for their deaths.

They will never get any of my money, and I will tell others to NEVER give them money.

More information and bloggage links on this situation.
Hat tip to Lassie Get Help.

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