Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last Beginner's Agility Class

Well, Monday was the last beginner's class.
The border collie wasn't there, so Chan wasn't as revved up.

We did a sequence of two jumps, a tire, two more jumps, and the tunnel.
The first time around Chan proved he was faster than me, and still has steering problems.
He kept whirling around to look at me.
The instructor thinks he's herding me...I personally think it was an enthusiastic "WHAT"S NEXT MOM?!"
Evidence for my view is that on the second run, (reverse order, except for the tunnel at the end again)
Chan zipped over the first three jumps and through the tire,and only whirled at the last jump.
I interpret this as him having figured out what the sequence was.
I don't think he knows any vocabulary yet but "tunnel".

Afterward we started preparing for the teeter with a plank with a block put under it.
Chan did have a slight tendency to step off to the side at the end, but didn't seem freaked out by the arrangement, so I'm happy. I'd expected more problems with footing shifting underneath him.

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