Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Advanced Beginner's Agility class

There's not so much notable this time around.
We still have lots of enthusiasm and no steering.
Chan wants to move at 50 miles per hour-
when he wasn't searching for fallen treats.

He's going over 16 inch jumps with no problems, as far as I can tell.
Last night was our first try with 6 weave poles.
The instructor pretty much ended up offseting them so there was a channel down the middle.
Chan did a lot of popping out of the weaves...
I'm wondering if he was getting too excited about the food lure.

The Border Collie is back in class...Chan did well with him last night.
He's actually a very nice smooshy dog...if a bit BC ocd. *laugh*
He got really growly/barky and upset over one of the goldens, however.
She (the golden) was looking at him.
I'm betting it wasn't a nice look,
as this is the same golden that had a puppy upside down and screaming in one of our family dog classes.
She doesn't seem to mess with Chan, but I'll keep an eye on her.

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